My name is Ester Bishop. My husband Joel  and I used to live busy lives up in Boston. He is in the IT world, I was in the medical interpreting world. Though we were not farmers we both have a family background in it. My family is in Brazil and I grew up going to my grandfather and uncles farms - I remember watching my grandfather making sugar from sugarcane, the fields of corn, the hills of pasture where the large animals would graze. Joel's family is from New Hampshire and some of them are farmers/homesteaders as well, they raise goats, milk cows and chickens.

We always ate "healthy" organic food, but never gave too much thought to how our food was raised or where it was raised. Then we had our first child and we felt the need to look into it. What we learned scared us and that's when we decided to start growing our own food! I had a little vegetable garden in my house at the City but we couldn't have animals.

We sold our house and bought this farm. I quit my job to stay home with my daughter and the plan was to have a homestead. We bought 25 chickens just for eggs and fun, got a few goats for milk and grew a big vegetable garden. When we had more eggs than we knew what to do with we started selling to restaurants. We went from producing 15 dozen eggs a week to 300 dozen. Then we decided to raise meat, and pasture raised was the healthiest way to go. I read books (especially Joel Salatin's), watched YouTube videos and so forth. 


We now sell our meat and eggs to the best restaurants in Rhode Island, we work closely with the chefs to always bring new and exciting products for their ever changing menus.

Our farm sits on 16 acres in the coastal Town of Tiverton, RI. Our neighbors tell us that 50 years ago this place used to be a milk farm and an orchard. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was allowed to take over and what was once beautiful pastures now have become overgrown prickly, invasive forests of gnarly vines.

With the help of our goats we started clearing the brush and restoring the land into pasture. We work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to address conservation issues, making sure we keep our land healthy for us, our animals and the wild life! 

In 2018 we were honored to receive the Local Agriculture and Seafood Act (LASA) Grant to build a mobile processing unit. With that we are now able to process our own poultry, which allows us to offer not only chickens, but specialty birds such as ducks, quail, squab and more.


Our farm stand is now open -  Wednesdays 3-6pm and Saturdays 9am-noon.

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